We all are meditative monkeys.

A meditative monkey, South Africa

Admit it, whenever you look out the window of your small and filthy appartment, littered with things you don’t even need and yet so empty compared to what you really want, whenever the first sunbeams hit your tired face, you transform into what I like to call a meditative monkey: you think about your future, you make great plans… Then of course it’s all gone in an instant. You know it : the same thing happens when you’re listening to music on the bus thinking that your life is a movie.


But why though?

I mean, why can’t we all just act instead of dreaming about what it would be like when we act? Well some say you just need to find motivation… But what motivation? A family? A career? All of this is attainable of course, but what happens after? Are you just supposed to find motivation after motivation? I THINK NOT.

Here is my (delusional) explanation : before there were humans, there were monkeys. Those monkeys were like us, and they eventually meditated so much that progressively they became us: humans (how not to teach evolution in school). The problem would be that we are the end of evolution (could explain why we are so inherently good at destroying the earth), meaning that no matter how much we meditate about our future, there is something inside us saying “this is pointless”.

So we’re stuck in the form of eternally meditative monkeys.


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