What’s going on with people rejecting feminism?

My friend in Krakow

I was watching videos on Youtube, and as it often goes, it progressively led me to stuff I wouldn’t normally watch (you know when it’s been two hours and suddenly you wonder how the fuck you ended up here??). Anyway, this time I stumbled upon some pretty conservative videos, including a bunch dedicated to the criticism of feminists and feminism in general.

There are many things that baffle me about the ideas of those “anti-social justice warriors”. First of all I think they did not understand the concept of feminism: it wants equality between men and women. YES it is called feminism and not equalitarism or something (it’s pretty obvious that especially when the movement started the aim was to improve women’s condition, I mean everyone can see that we needed it right?) but NO feminists don’t consider men inferior, or don’t want to turn their “masculinity” down. On the contrary, real feminism embraces everyone and fights for both men’s and women’s rights. Yep I consider that men are allowed to be emotional, to become nurses… let’s just all fight the stereotypes !

The other thing is women saying that feminism is not relevant anymore, like we don’t need it anymore. You know that girl who says “but I don’t feel oppressed”. First of all, good for you. Second of all, just because YOU don’t feel oppressed does not mean every single woman on the planet doesn’t. Frankly, should I really mention every country where women barely have any rights? And even in “first world countries”: what about equal pay? What about having to be “careful” when going out because of the fear of getting raped?

So to all those people saying “I am not a feminist”: why though? 

If the word bothers you so much, just say that you are for equality damn it.

One thought on “What’s going on with people rejecting feminism?

  1. I don’t reject feminism. I reject the current wave of identity feminism. It is solipsistic, middle class and overly academic. It does not empower women to fight and be everything they can be, but sees victimhood as a desirable status symbol. It infantilises us fetishises helplessness, encourages fear of men as a powerful, privileged boogeyman instead of fellow human beings. To me that is the opposite of equality.


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